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Stockguy22 Mentoring
Mentoring Session
Join @stockguy22, @cerebraltrades, and @stockdarts for a mentoring sessions overview.
Stockguy22.com Courses
101 - Technical Analysis
Join @stockguy22 for a educational webinar on how he uses technical analysis in his trading. Followed by an Q&A.
201 - Fundamenal Analysis
Join @stockguy22 for a educational webinar on how he finds and uses a companies fundamentals to aid his trading.
Trading Gap Down
This short webinar goes over how to trade gap downs on stocks usign fib retraces and other techniques.
How to trade sub 10k accounts
Do you trade the short stack? Learn how to grow a small account into a trading account that is nothing to laugh at.
Trading Plan
2013 Trading Plan
Learn how to develop a trading plan with stockguy22. This is one of the most important things you can do as a trader.
Guest Speakers
Technically Speaking w/ TraderJim64
Powertader Radio host TraderJim64 goes over how he trades the market using his developed system.
Steve Nison - Candlesticks
Steve Nison hosts a webinar sponsored by stockguy22.com on PowerTrader Radio.
Members Only
Members Only: Thursday
Members only webinar held on Thursday. Covering markets,scanning, and setups.
Premium Webinars
Healthcare Webinar Part #1 & #2
The premium webinar covering the healthcare industry and stocks you should have in your portfolio. Stocks covered in this webinar rose as much as 150% and the total portfolio was up over 50%. Gold and Diamond have access. Non-Members, You can order it here here
runtime: approx 4 hours